Alumni in Recent Years


PositionMembersResearch Topics
Master's Program Mr. KANEI, Hiroka A study on large rock recognition in a quarry for automation of large rock breaking operation
Mr. KAWAI, Michinari Pedestrian Navigation System Using Laser Range Scanner and Belt Type Vibration Device
Mr. KAWANISHI, Hajime Attempt of Super Wide Stereo Vision Using Low-Distortion Lens
Mr. KIMOTO, Yoshiyuki Study of the Structure and Operation of a Cleaning Robot that Removes Deposits under Belt Conveyor for Transporting the Mineral Ores
Mr. SASAKI, Komei Study on Obstacle Detection on the Planned Course for Mobile Robot in the Environment with Ups and Downs
Mr. SHI, Zhenxing Omni-Directional Mobile Robot By Force Control
Mr. SUZUKI, Shogo Research of path tracking method in indoor and outdoor using inexpensive Laser Range Finder
Mr. FUJII, Yusuke Effective LIDAR Data Processing Method for Mobile Robot Localization in Crowded Environments
Mr. MATSUZAKI, Sango Traversable Region Estimation for Mobile Robots Based on Manually Instructed Paths
Undergraduate Mr. NIHEI, Satoru Children tracking system: Shooting myself using surrounding mirrors
Research Student Mr. VANICHPOONPHON, Sopanat Stereo Vision by using Fisheye Lenses
Internship Student Mr. SKODA, Jan Localization and Mapping with camera
Mr. DONG, Hongyi Interface for Mobile Robot Using Raspberry Pi and Touch Display


PositionMembersResearch Topics
Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. YAMADA, Taichi (Graduated at June 2014) Mobile Robot Localization for Autonomous Navigation in Human Living Environment
JSPS Research Fellow PD Dr. BANDO, Shigeru Localization and Mapping for Mobile Robots
Ph.D. Program Dr. HARA, Yoshitaka (JSPS Research Fellow DC1) Improvement of Localization and Mapping for Mobile Robots Based on Bayesian Statistics
Dr. ITO, Kohei Mapping by an Aerial Robot
Master's Program Mr. KUMATA, Daisuke Road Recognition Using a Laser Scanner for an Outdoor Mobile Robot
Mr. NISHIDA, Takaaki Movability Recognition of Objects and Environmental Mapping
Mr. NISHIYAMA, Sho Outdoor Navigation of an Autonomous Mobile Robot Using Multiple Cameras
Mr. MATSUMOTO, Akira Object Recognition with Shape Registration Using Visual Words from Depth Images as Labels
Mr. YOSHIDA, Morihiko Development of Mobile Robot for Searching Lost Children
Mr. ISAKA, Hiroki Navigation of Mobile Robots Using a Magnetic Sensor
Mr. KAWASHIMA, Ryota Walking Assist System for Blind People Using Haptic Indication of Azimuth
Mr. TAKAGI, Isamu Matching Method of Image and Point Cloud for Forest Environments
Mr. HATTORI, Kohei Development of Robot System that performs Street Questionnaire
Undergraduate Mr. KONISHI, Yuya Detection of Environmental Changes by a Patrol Robot Equipped with Depth Camera in Office Environments
Research Student Mr. Kevin LEBOT (Graduated at June 2014)
Mr. Francois GUIOT


PositionMembersResearch Topics
Ph.D. Program Dr. BANDO, Shigeru (JSPS Research Fellow DC2) Localization and Mapping for Mobile Robots
Dr. YAMADA, Taichi Mobile Robot Localization for Autonomous Navigation in Human Living Environment
Dr. WATANABE, Atsushi Efficient Drive and Control of Brushless Motor, Optimal Trajectory Control of Autonomous Mobile Robot in Wide Speed Range, Accurated Signal Processing of Scanning Laser Range Sensor, Autonomous Outdoor Mobile Robot Navigation
Dr. Wanayuth Sanngoen Patrol in Parking Space by Using a Mobile Robot
Master's Program Mr. ISHIJHIMA, Eiki Automatic Measurement of Radiation Dose Using an Autonomous Mobile Robot
Mr. ITONAGA, Yoshiteru Map Generation for a Mobile Robot by Geometric Shape Classification of Point Cloud Distribution Obtained by Three Dimension Range Sensor
Mr. KAWAMOTO, Shun Development of Remote Control System for Unmanned Construction Using Stereo Vision
Mr. GUNJI, Tadahiro Outdoor Navigation of an Autonomous Mobile Robot with Aerial Photographs
Mr. MIZUNO, Takuro Visual Road Area Detection and Road Guided Navigation for an Outdoor Mobile Robot
Mr. YAMAMOTO, Shotaro Research of Tour Schedule Planning Support System in the Huge Theme Park
Mr. YOKOTA, Keisuke Children Watching System Using a Small UAV
Undergraduate Ms. UCHIDA, Kumiko Detection of the Cane Using a RGB-D Camera
Ms. Gan Elaine Measurement of the Buildup under the Belt Conveyor with Multiple Sensors


PositionMembersResearch Topics
Postdoctoral ResearcherDr. Evgeni Magid A Pilot System for Rescue Robot Navigation in Debris Environment
Ph.D. Program Dr. Anusorn Iamrurksiri Recognition of Rock Position and Shape Using Stereo Vision and Rock Movement Operation with Chisel
Dr. YAMAMOTO, Hiroshi Development of the Autonomous Hydraulic Excavator Prototype Using 3-D Information for Motion Planning and Control
Master's Program Mr. ITO, Takeru Detection of Sidewalk Damage Using a SOKUIKI Sensor Mounted on a Mobile Robot
Mr. OGATA, Kazuki Detection and Action Estimation of Humans by Robots Equipped with Infrared Camera and 3D SOKUIKI Sensor
Mr. KIMURA, Takemi Patrol Mobile Robot to Greet Passing People
Mr. TADOKORO, Yuki Moving Object Detection by Moving Mobile Robot with Stereo Vision
Mr. YOKOSHIMA, Hideaki Robust localization of outdoor autonomous mobile robot in dynamic environment
Mr. Dione Aime Charles Alfred Development of Stereo Vision Based Servo-Controller for Limestone Mining Escavator
Ms. Yeow Li Sa Research on Obstacle Avoidance of a Mobile Robot
Mr. Liu Xiongxiong GPS Outdoors Robot Navigation
Mr. FUKUDA, Hideyuki Mapping Forest Trees by Protable Laser Scanning Equipment
Visiting Researcher Dr. Gavin Paul Mobile Manipulation Tasks: Grasping and Handover
Secretary Ms. SAKAGUCHI, Arisa


PositionMembersResearch Topics
ProfessorDr. YUTA, Shin'ichi Autonomous Mobile Robots, Robot Sensors, Behavior Intelligence, Motion Planning, Mechatronics
Ph.D. ProgramDr. HOSODA, Yuji Study of a Human-Symbiotic Robot
Dr. NISHIZAWA, Toshihiro Research on Voice Dialogue based Handling Method / Confirmation System for Risk of Accident Reduction in Household Robots --- A Proposal for a New Human-Machine Relationship
Dr. Aneesh Chand Design and Implementation of an Autonomous Road-Crossing Mobile Robot for Real World Urban Environments
Dr. Kristou Mehrez A Study on Target Person Identification and Following in Crowded Environment for an Autonomous Luggage Cart Robot
Dr. Evgeni Magid A Pilot System for Rescue Robot Navigation in Debris Environment
Master's ProgramMs. ASANO, Asuka Forest Measurement by Technology of Environment Recognition for Mobile Robot
Mr. FUJIWARA, Takuma Motion Control of Mobile Robot Using Potential Method and Dynamic Simulation
Mr. KAKUTA, Toru Obstacle Avoidance Behavior for a Mobile Robot
Mr. KISHITA, Kazuki Development of Mobile Robot pulling Tools together
Mr. NAKABAYASHI, Tatsuhiro Study on Turning Motion of Unicycle Robot with Large Barrel-Shaped Wheel
Mr. SHIKINA, Taku Building Environmental Map by Autonomous Robot
Mr. SHIMIZU, Yuta A Study of Motion Control on Unicycle Robot
Mr. TANIGAKI, Kenta Indoor Patrolling Using a Mobile Robot
Ms. MORITA, Hanako Environment Map Generation by Mobile Robot with 3D Sensor
Mr. Li Cheng, Xue Master-Servant Floor Wipe Cleaner System
Mr. AFAGHANI, Ahmad Yasser Design and Implementation of Control System for an Omni-Directional Mobile Robot with Three Active Caster Wheels
Mr. SATO, Kota Research on Applications of a Multi Echo Equipped SOKUIKI Sensor
Mr. MORIMOTO, Yuya Development of Robot System with Cylinderical Multi-Touch Display
UndergraduateMr. MIYAZAKI, Yasuhiro Robot Self-Localization for Indoor Landmark Light Retroreflective Tape
Visiting ResearcherMr. INOUE, Ryo
Mr. FUKUDA, Haruo
SecretaryMs. TABUCHI, Midori


PositionMembersResearch Topics
Ph.D. ProgramDr. MATSUMOTO, Mitsuhiro Development of 3D SOKUIKI Sensor System
Dr. Alexander Carballo-Segura Development of an Autonomous Mobile Robot Acting as a member-of a People Group in Public Areas
Mr. NAKAGAWA, Kenji Autonomous Navigation of a Small Airship
Master's ProgramMr. ISHISE, Akihisa Recharging System for an Autonomous Mobile Robot
Mr. OKADA, Yuto Indoor Navigation of Autonomous Vehicles
Mr. KAWABE, Shogo Detection of Rock Jam in Small Rooms in Mines Using Video Processing
Mr. KURODA, Hiroshi Conception of 360-Degree Stereo Camera System for Remote Control Robot
Mr. SHIINA, Makoto Development of Ultrasonic Sensor Modules for Mobile Robot
Mr. SHINADA, Kazuhiro Indoor Mobile Robot Autonomous Navigation on Real World Environments
Mr. MORIKAWA, Naoki Development of Stereo Camera for Robots in Outdoor Environment
Mr. YAGI, Hidenori Human Tracking using Three Dimensional SOKUIKI Sensor
Mr. Yunrei Lee Simply Sense Indoor Environment
SecretaryMs. YASHIMA, Mihoko


PositionMembersResearch Topics
Ph.D. ProgramDr. KAWATA, Hirohiko Research on the Application of Range Sensor URG for Intelligent Robots
Dr. Luis Yoichi Morales Position Estimation of Moving Body in Forest Road Environment
Master's ProgramMr. OKUMURA, Junpei Motion Control of One-Wheeled Autonomous Mobile Robot
Mr. KUBOTA, Daisuke Realization of Around View for remote operation support of search and rescue robot
Mr. KUWANO, Masashi Development of Small Cylindrical Stereo Camera System
Mr. KOU Syoumei Research on Outdoor Patrol Robot for Building Surroundings
Mr. SAITOH, Masakazu Elevator Operation Display Plate Recognition for Mobile Robots
Ms. SAWADA, Yukiko Development of Autonomous Alignment System for Desk-Type Robots in Conference Rooms
Mr. KANEKO, Yuji Research on State Recognition for Patrol Robots
Mr. NAMIKI, Masanori Development of Experimental System for Partial Task Automation Using Breakers
Mr. YAMAGUCHI, Tomoya Research on Techniques of Long Distance Outdoor Mobility
UndergraduateMr. KOSHIHARA, Yuichi Measurement System of Human and Shapes Using Multiple Mirrors and Range Sensor
Mr. NAGATA, Hiroaki Development of Remote Control Interface for Rescue Robots
Reserch StudentMr. NAKATA, Yuki Research on Autonomous Navigation for Mobile Robots
SecretaryMs. AKEBIYAMA, Yuri


PositionMembersResearch Topics
Master's ProgramMr. ABURADANI, Atsushi Mobile Robotic 3-D Mapping
Mr. IRIE, Takahiro Intuitive Camera Operation Interface for Exploration Robots
Mr. OHKOUCHI, Akira A Study of a Highly Precise Signal Processing Method for a SOKUIKI Sensor
Mr. OOSHIMA, Akira Constructing 3D Enviromental Model for Mobile Robots by Camera Image
Mr. OZAWA, Kentaro Development of Teleoperated Robot for Investigating Underground Stricken Area
Mr. KUNIYOSHI, Hiroyasu A Proposal for Robot Path-Following and Obstacle Avoidance
Mr. KOHNO, Hiroaki Peaple Counting System Using Mobile SOKUIKI Sensor for Oclusion Free Purpose
Mr. SUZUKI, Yusuke Long Distance Navigation of a Autonomous Mobile Robot in Outdoor Environment
Mr. SEKINE, Daisuke Adaptive Human Direction Control Using Mobile Robot Behavior
Mr. TAKAHASHI, Tetsuyuki Laboratory Guidance by an Autonomous Mobile Robot
Mr. TSURUTA, Megumu Driving Control of a Bicycle
Mr. HIROSAWA, Atsushi Controller Development of an Articulate Steering Wheel Type Vehicle
Mr. HIROSE, Hiroaki Indoor Navigation with Going Up and Down Stairs by a Four-Wheel Robot
Mr. MOROTOMI, Kohei Navigation on Rough Terrain for a Planetary Rover
Mr. YOKOTA, Shin'ichi Portable 3D Map Builder
Mr. Chang-ho Jin A Motion Control for Omni-Directional Mobile Bobot with Active Caster Wheels
Visiting ResearcherMr. MATSUO, Kiyoshi
Mr. YASUDA, Kunihiro
Dr. Kai Lingemann
Mr. HARA, Yoshitaka


PositionMembersResearch Topics
Ph.D. ProgramDr. TAKEUCHI, Eijiro Development of a Robot System Performing Multiple Tasks Taking Suitable Work Mechanisms
Dr. KAKUDATE, Satoshi Manipulator for ITER Blanket Remote Maintenance
Master's ProgramMr. ABE, Kenji A Study on Avoidance Behavior of Multiple Walking People for a Mobile Robot
Ms. IMAMURA, Ryoko Research of a Two-Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Transportation Robot
Mr. SAKURAI, Masaki Developtment of a Multiple Fixed Sensor System Using Laser Range Finders
Mr. TOKUNAGA, Wataru Research to Achieve Long Distance Autonomous Robot Navigation in Outdoor Environments
Mr. HAYASHI, Masayuki Development of Sensor System that Used Range Sensor System and Scans Narrow Space
Mr. MIYACHI, Kohei A study on Landmark for Self-Localization of Mobile Robots - Hidden Mark Using Reflection Data of SOKUIKI Sensor -
Mr. Aji Prasetyo Control Interface Development for Teleoperated Mobile Robot
Ms. FUKUDA, Maki
UndergraduateMr. HOTTA, Daisuke Global Position Estimation with Relative Position Measurement of Multiple Landmark
Visiting ResearcherMr. TAKAI, Kazuo
Mr. NAGASAKA, Yoshisada
SecretaryMs. TAKAHASHI, Minako


PositionMembersResearch Topics
Postdoctoral ResearcherDr. Jae-Hoon Lee People Tracking using LRF and Robot Path Planning
Ph.D. ProgramDr. TAKEI, Toshinobu Control of a "Walking by Falling" System
Dr. YAMAZAKI, Kimitoshi (JSPS Research Fellow DC2) 3-D Object Shape Modeling by a Mobile Robot
Master's ProgramMr. AKUNE, Taisei Development of Indoor Navigation System for Flying Robot by Using a SOKUIKI Sensor
Mr. ISHISAKA, Kentaro Autonomous Omni Directional Mobile Mechanism for Rearrangement of Desks
Mr. UEDA, Tatsuro Visual Assist System Using 3D SOKUIKI Sensor for Blind People
Ms. OBATA, Mariko Developement of Round and Check Robot in a Institution
Mr. KAINO, Go Turning Control of a Front-Wheel Steering Motorcycle
Ms. SHIMOMURA, Ai Position Estimation for Multiple Mobile Robots
Ms. TADANO, Kumiko Massive Rock Handling
Mr. HARA, Yoshitaka Motion Instruction System for Autonomous Mobile Robots
Mr. Shenglong Wu Object Transportation by a Multiple Mobile Robot System
Mr. Timoteo Idica Jr Target User Localization for a Service Robot Using Wireless LAN
Ms. Marina Vela Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation in Indoor Enviroments
UndergraduateMr. TSUCHIYA, Akira Autonomous Behaviour of Mobile Robot Using RFID
Visiting ResearcherDr. Yong-Shik Kim Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Navigation of an Outdoor Mobile Robot
Mr. Lee Ji Hyoung Control and Estimation for Mobile Manipulators


PositionMembersResearch Topics
JST PRESTO ResearcherDr. TOMONO, Masahiro Model Based Control for Intelligent Robots
Ph.D. ProgramDr. TOMIZAWA, Tetsuo (JSPS Research Fellow DC2) Reading System using Autonomous Mobile Manipulator Teleoperated via Internet
Dr. Yossawee Weerakam Haeng Simulation for Wheel Loader Trajectory Behavior
Mr. KAMIMURA, Satofumi Development of a Multiprocess Controller
Mr. Driancourt Remi
Master's ProgramMs. ISAWA, Junko Research of Inside Running for Autonomous Mobile Robots
Mr. ISHIOKA, Atsushi Development of Campus Guide Robot
Mr. SHIMIZU, Takehiro Development of Robot System to Perform a Remote Task
Mr. TAKESHITA, Tsutomu Indoor Room Monitoring System Using a Mobile Robot
Mr. HASHIMOTO, Tatsuya Development of a General-Purpose Extensible Arm for a Compact Mobile Robot
Mr. KASHIKI, Takuya Control of a Wheeled Type Stair-Climber Robot
Mr. SEKIGUCHI, Hiroshi Human Following Behavior of an Autonomous Mobile Robot
Mr. TANAKA, Akichika Teleoperated Rescue Robot System for Information Aquisition
Mr. NAKAJIMA, Atsushi Posture Estimation System based on Fusion of Gyro and Gravity Sensors
Mr. MITSUHASHI, Shunnosuke Recognition of Landform based on Operation to Scoop the Heap of Fractured Rock by Wheel Loader


PositionMembersResearch Topics
Postdoctoral ResearcherDr. YOSHIDA, Tomoaki
Ph.D. ProgramDr. Martinez Edgar Steering Groups of People by Multi Mobile Robot
Master's ProgramMr. IWAGAMI, Tomoyuki Development of a Multi-Sensor Head
Mr. SUZUKI, Takahiro Development of a System for Directing Mobile Robot's Target Destination by means of Light Projections
Mr. MISAWA, Masahi A Smart Hand Cart with Autonomous Returning Function
Mr. SHIRAKI, Kenichi Quadruped Robot System
Ms. SHINBO, Kaori Information Teaching Method for Mobile Robot
Ms. HIRANO, Azusa Development and Control of Human Riding Inverted Pendulum Type Vehicle
Mr. HORIGUCHI, Akira Development of Stereo Camera System for 3D Measurement in Outdoor
UndergraduateMr. Taejoon Kil A Two-Robots Cleaning System based on a Father-Son Architecture
Visiting ResearcherMr. Kim Gab-Soon
Mr. Wagle Santosh
Mr. Thouvenin Eric Fundamental Navigation Using SICK Sensor
SecretaryMs. NAKAMURA, Tamaki


PositionMembersResearch Topics
Ph.D. ProgramDr. YOSHIDA, Tomoaki Research on Integrated Development Environment for Handling Autonomous Moving Body Group
Dr. OHNO, Kazunori Campus Autonomous Navigation of an Autonomous Mobile Robot
Master's ProgramMr. IRIE, Kiyoshi Navigation from Indoor to Outdoor Environments
Mr. ENOKIDO, Naoki Environment Recognition Using an Omni Directional Ultrasonic System
Mr. GIBO, Youhei Object Tracking Using Omnidirectional Camera and Laser Range Sensor
Mr. KOJIMA, Hiroyoshi Development of Vision Sensor for Tube Robots
Ms. HIRUTA, Kaori Development of a Robot that Serves Tea
Mr. MUNEKATA, Takumi Virtual Promenade Robotic System
Mr. MORI, Hirotaka Navigation in Narrow Passages
Mr. YAMADA, Takanori A Dog-Like Guidance Robot
Mr. YAMAMOTO, Takuya One-Wheeled Robot Control
Visiting ResearcherDr. Godfrey C. Onwubolu
Reserch StudentMr. Magid Evgeni Cautious Bug: New Algorithm for Autonomous Robot Navigation


PositionMembersResearch Topics
Ph.D. ProgramDr. Tang Lixin Navigation Using Video Images
Dr. HADA, Yasushi Long Term Activity Robots
Master's ProgramMr. OCHIDA, Jun High Velocity Navigation
Mr. NAGUMO, Yousuke Light Following Behavior
Mr. HASHIMOTO, Kazuma Navigation in Accidental Terrain
Mr. FUKAI, Toru Motor Control
Ms. FURUKI, Satoko Sun Direction-Sensor for Lunar Rover Posture Measurement
Mr. Soumare Seydou Robotic Tool Rental System
UndergraduateMr. SHIBUSAWA, Takahiro 3D Graphical Simulation Interface for Mobile Robot
Visiting ResearcherDr. Yang Dongyong Potential Field Method and Genetic Algorithms
Reserch StudentMr. Kirill Kouzoubov Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Indoor Environments
SecretaryMs. KAMIKADO, Aki


PositionMembersResearch Topics
Assistant ProfessorDr. MAEYAMA, Shoichi Long Distance Navigation, Internet Control of Robot System
JSPS Research Fellow PDDr. OKAWA, Kazuya Multi-Robot Cooperation, Model-Based Planning for Complex Robot
Ph.D. ProgramDr. TOMONO, Masahiro Model Based Control for Intelligent Robots
Dr. KOYANAGI, Eiji Development of a Mecanism for Displacement Through a Rough Terrain
Master's ProgramMr. KATAISHI, Kazunaga Vision System for Wheel Loader Robotic System
Mr. KITAJIMA, Yuki Step climbing robot
Mr. SUZUKAWA, Akira Development of a Robotic Platform with PC/AT Architecture
Mr. TAKAHATA, Motoki Ultrasonic Sensor's Double Pulse Theory
Mr. TSUBUZAKI, Akihiro A Chair Tidying Robot
Mr. HAMADA, Kouichi Self-Localization and Landmark Position Estimation
Mr. YAMAGUCHI, Takashi Navigation Using a Range Sensor
Mr. Fabien Launay Navigation Using Neon Lamps as Landmarks
Mr. Sariunal Necati Tugser Monocycle Robot Control
UndergraduateMr. OGURA, Sei Interface for an Omni-Directional Wheel Chair
Reserch StudentMr. Rusminto Tjatur Widodo Robot Vision
Mr. Etienne Maitre Insect-Like Random Exploration of an Environment


PositionMembersResearch Topics
Assistant ProfessorDr. SIROMA, Naoji Research on Lunar Exploration Rover, Control of Systems with Passive Joints
Ph.D. ProgramDr. Li Wen Trajectory Tracking Control of Swarming Mobile Robot
Master's ProgramMr. EGUCHI, Junji Mobile Manipulator with Degrees of Freedom
Mr. KOZAI, Takeshi Experimental Research on Distributed Path Search and Map Building by Multiple Autonomous Robots with US Sensors
Ms. KUMANO, Masako Mobile Robot Obstacle Avoidance Using Stereo Vision
Mr. KANEDA, Kozo Development of Stereo Vision Sensor for Detection of Moving Obstacles
Mr. SUZUKI, Akihito Control of Mobile Manipulator
Mr. SUZUKI, Hideaki Development of Two-Wheel (Front-Rear) Autonomous Mobile Robot
Mr. MIYAZAKI, Yukio Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation Using 3-Visual
Mr. YABUTA, Tetsutaka Mobile Robot Obstacle Avoidance Using Ultrasonic Sensor
Mr. Li Yingchun Sensor-Based Robot Motion Control
UndergraduateMr. Neo Ee Sian Mobile Robot Environment Recognition Result Visualization
Reserch StudentMr. Arnold C. Alanzado
SecretaryMs. IIZUKA, Keiko