Announcement of the 3rd Yamabico Symposium 2012

Secretary :Kawamoto Shun(University of Tsukuba M1)
Assistant Secretary :Hara Yoshitaka(University of Tsukuba D1)
Assistant Secretary :Ishijima Eiki(University of Tsukuba M1)
Assistant Secretary :Fukuda Hideyuki(University of Tsukuba M1)
Assistant Secretary :Takagi isamu(University of Tsukuba B4)
Assistant Secretary :Yoshida Morihiko(University of Tsukuba B4)

The Intelligent Robot Laboratory is organizing its symposium as part of the Yamabico project. This symposium will provide a forum for reporting and discussing the result of the work in progress and to exchange information on relevant topics. Research presentation, relevant topics and participants are strongly encouraged to submit.
The symposium will be held as follows.

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Publishing the announcement of the 3rd Yamabico Symposium 2012
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From February 28th, 2013 (Thu) till March 3th (Sun)


National Olympics Memorial Youth Center(URL)

Presentation room:Central building, room 401

Location and transportation

For detailed information, Please refer to the following URL:
National Olympics Memorial Youth Center | Transportation guide

Participation fee


※ Assistance is offered for those who can not get to pay the participation fee.

※ For non-students, please pay your participation fee upon arrival.

Presentation time and title

Will be provided later.

Affiliation # of topics Introduction Time Presentation Time Q&A Time
Doctor special lecture 1 2 minute 45 minute 15 minute
Intelligent Robot Laboratory(D1~D3,M2) 14 2 minute 15 minute 10 minute
Intelligent Robot Laboratory(M1,B4,Researcher) 13 2 minute 12 minute 8 minute
topic provides (Intelligent Robot Laboratory) 6 2minute 12 minute 8 minute
topic provides (External Participants) 6 nothing 12 minute 8 minute


Please see PDF file about the program on that day.



After the last presentation on March 2nd, a gathering will be held in the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center Restaurant "TOKI". Time is scheduled for 18:30 to 20:30.

※Since the cost of the banquet fee is included in the symposium, no additional fees are needed.

Participation and presentation deadlines

Participation and presentation deadlines are as follows. Due to program scheduling and booking issues, please apply by the due date. Presentation from companies and other universities are welcome.

RegistrationManuscripts submission
Participation onlyFebruary 10th, 2013 (Sun)-
Participation and presentationFebruary 10th, 2013 (Sun)February 18th, 2013 (Mon)


A private proceedings as an internal document of the project will be made. Prepare your manuscripts to fit into A4 size paper, and not exceed 8 pages. (For connivance of printing, please keep a margin of 2mm from all borders of the page.)

Sample manuscript

Manuscripts submission deadline

February 18th, 2013 (Mon)

How to apply for participation

Registration page has been deleted. (2013-12-02 W4G)

Contact Us

University of Tsukuba, Intelligent Robot Laboratory(Representative : Shun Kawamoto )
Question and inquiry
e-mail : sympo2012-3(at)


One LCD project and screen will be prepared to be used in presentations. If other equipment (including OHP,VTR (VHS),PC, etc.) is needed, please inform us in advance.

Editor : Morihiko Yoshida (College of Engineering Systems)