Announcement of the 2nd Yamabico Symposium 2018

Secretary :Tatsuya ISHII(University of Tsukuba M1)
Assistant Secretary :Han XI(University of Tsukuba M1)
Assistant Secretary :Shungo Tajima(University of Tsukuba B4)
Assistant Secretary :Yui MINAMI(University of Tsukuba B4)
Assistant Secretary :Yuta PEI(University of Tsukuba M1)

The Intelligent Robot Laboratory organizes a symposium as part of the Yamabico project. This symposium will provide a forum for reporting and discussing the result of the work in progress and to exchange information on relevant topics. Research Presentation, relevant topics and participants are strongly encouraged to submit.
The symposium will be held as follows.

Information update

Open the page of registration system
Extend deadline of the Manuscripts submission
Publishing the announcement of the 2nd Yamabico Symposium 2018


Participation fee(tentative)


※ Assistance is offered for those who can not get to pay the participation fee.

※ For non-students, please pay your participation fee upon arrival.

Presentation time and title(tentative)

※It will be published as soon as that the number of participants is decided.


※A link will be added as soon as the program is finalized.


After the presentation on December 2nd, a gathering will be held.
We will inform you of the detail afterward.

※Since the cost of the banquet fee is included in the symposium, no additional fees are needed.

Participation and presentation deadlines

Participation and presentation deadlines are as follows. Due to program scheduling and booking issues, please apply by the due date. Presentation from companies and other universities are welcome.

Registration Registration of the presentation title Manuscripts submission
Participation only 19/11/2018 --
Participation and presentation (External Participanrs) 12/11/2018 12/11/2018 12/11/2018
participation and presentation (Intelligent Robot Laboratory) 24/11/2018 24/11/2018 24/11/2018


Sample manuscript

How to apply for participation or submit your manuscript

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Contact Us

University of Tsukuba, Intelligent Robot Laboratory(Representative : Tatsuya ISHII)
Question and inquiry
e-mail : ishii-t(at)


One LCD project and screen will be prepared to be used in presentations. If other equipment (including OHP,VTR (VHS),PC, etc.) is needed, please inform us in advance.

Editor : XI Han (Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies)