Announcement of the 3nd Yamabico Symposium 2023

Secretary :Chihiro OOKA(University of Tsukuba M2)
Assistant Secretary :Akihiro DEGUCHI(University of Tsukuba M1)
Ryo NAKAYA(University of Tsukuba M1)
Riku TAKAMATSU(University of Tsukuba M1)
Yuta MARUI(University of Tsukuba M1)
Kouta SAKAMOTO(University of Tsukuba B4)

The Intelligent Robot Laboratory organizes a symposium as part of the Yamabico project. This symposium will provide a forum for reporting and discussing the result of the work in progress and to exchange information on relevant topics. Research Presentation, relevant topics and participants are strongly encouraged to submit.
The symposium will be held as follows.

Information update

Publishing the Announcement of the 3rd Yamabico Symposium 2023
Add participant and registration form


from Feb. 20th through Feb. 21th of 2024

dateMeeting timestarting time of sessionsending time of sessions
Tuesday, February 20th08:3009:0018:00
Wednesday, February 21th08:3009:0018:00
There's a possibility this schedule may be modified.


Please see PDF file about the program on that day.

Participation fee


*We plan to order boxed lunches. If you don't have any schedule at noon, please join us for luncheon and fill out the form. Cost : about 500 yen lunch order form[~2/9(Fri.)]
The deadline is 2/9(Fri.) at 23:59.

Presentation time and title(tentative)

Affiliation of topics Presentation Time Q&A Time
Intelligent Robot Laboratory(Professor,Associate Professor,D3,M2,B4) -- 5 minutes not provided
Intelligent Robot Laboratory(M1,B3,Exchange Student) -- 12 minutes 8 minutes
Intelligent Robot Laboratory(D1,D2,Researcher) -- 15 minutes 10 minutes
External Participants - 12 minutes 8 minutes

*As soon as the number of participants is determined, we will release the information.


Currently under consideration. We will disclose the information at a later date.

A dinner party is scheduled after the Yamabico Symposium on the second day.
Date: 2/21(Fri.) 18:30~21:00
Place: お好み焼き もんじゃ 鉄板焼 一太郎
Cost: Student →2500 yen, working adult →5000 yen
Meals: Okonomiyaki, Monjayaki
Please click on the link below to fill out the participation survey
Banquet survey[~2/9(Fri.)]
The reply deadline is Feb. 9 at 23:59.

Participation and presentation deadlines

Participation and presentation deadlines are as follows. Due to program scheduling and booking issues, please apply by the due date. Presentation from companies and other universities are welcome.

Registration Registration of the presentation title Manuscripts submission
Participation only Tues. February 6, 11:59 PM--
Participation and presentation (External Participanrs) Tues. February 6, 11:59 PM Tues. February 13, 11:59 PM Tues. February 13, 11:59 PM
participation and presentation (Intelligent Robot Laboratory) Tues. February 6, 11:59 PM Tues. February 13, 11:59 PM Tues. February 13, 11:59 PM


A private proceedings as an internal document of the project will be made. Prepare your manuscripts to fit into A4 size paper, and not exceed 8 pages. (For connivance of printing, please keep a margin of 20mm from all borders of the page.)

Sample manuscript

Please download and use the following tex file and cls file. You can download sample.tex, jsproceedings.cls, latexmkrc by right-clicking on the link and selecting "Save Link As...".

*Please compile with the compiler set to "LaTeX".

※These files are written in Japanese.

How to apply for participation or submit your manuscript

Use google form to register for participation and submit a manuscript. If you have a Google accout, please use the link below.

If you don't have a Google account, please send an e-mail with the manuscript attached.

An overview of how the symposium is held

Only on-site (on-site participation) will be used. Details on how to participate are described in the instructions that follow. If you have any questions, please contact the symposium secretaries.

on-site participation


1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8577 Japan
総合研究棟B(Laboratory of Advanced Research B 1st floor,room 0110) 1階 0110公開講義室

What to prepare on the day


Contact Us

e-mail : sympo2023-3(at)


One LCD project and screen will be prepared to be used in presentations. If other equipment (including OHP,VTR (VHS),PC, etc.) is needed, please inform us in advance. Also, if you have any questions, please contact us at the above contact information.

Editor : Yuta MARUI (University of Tsukuba M1)