PositionMembersResearch Topics
Professor (Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies) Dr. TSUBOUCHI, Takashi Motion Control, Intelligent Motion Planning
Autonomy and Intelligence for Field Service Robots
Professor (Department of Computer Science) Dr. OHYA, Akihisa Intelligent Sensing for Mobile Robot
Mobile Robot for Supporting Human Life
Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. SARATA, Shigeru YAMAZUMI Project
Dr. YAMADA, Taichi (Graduated at June 2014) Mobile Robot Localization for Autonomous Navigation in Human Living Environment
JSPS Research Fellow PD Dr. BANDO, Shigeru Localisation and Mapping for Mobile Robot
Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies D3 Mr. ISHIMOTO, Hidefumi Obstacle Detecting System of Heavy Machinery with Stereo Vision
Mr. ICHINOSE, Masanori Travel Control of the Wheel Loader
Mr. HARA, Yoshitaka (JSPS Research Fellow DC1) Global Localization for Autonomous Vehicles Using High Dimensional Features based on Shape Distribution and Optical Reflectance
Department of Computer Science D3 Mr. ITO, Kohei Mapping by Aerial Robot
Department of Computer Science D2 Mr. Helio Perroni Filho Applications of Weightless Neural Networks to Robot Localization Problems
Department of Computer Science D1 Mr. Ryan Arya Pratama Tracking and Control of an Air Robot from a Mobile Ground Robot
Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies M2 Mr. KUMATA, Daisuke Road Recognition Using a Laser Scanner for an Outdoor Mobile Robot
Mr. SEKI, Saimon Generating the Map by the Mobile 3D-LIDER
Mr. NISHIDA, Takaaki Movability Recognition of Objects and Environmental Mapping
Mr. NISHIYAMA, Sho Outdoor Navigation of an Autonomous Mobile Robot Using Multiple Cameras
Mr. MATSUMOTO, Akira Object Recognition with Shape Registration Using Visual Words from Depth Images as Labels
Mr. YOSHIDA, Morihiko Development of Mobile Robot for Searching Lost Children
Department of Computer Science M2 Mr. ISAKA, Hiroki The Navigation of Mobile Robot using Magnetic Sensor
Mr. TAKAGI, Isamu The Matching Method of Image and Point Cloud for The Forest Environment
Mr. HATTORI, Kohei Development of Robot System that performs Street Questionnaire
Mr. HONDA, Fuhito Recognition of Cups on a Desk and the Existence of Liquid in it Using 3D Depth Camera
Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies M1 Mr. KANEI, Hiroka Stereo Camera Auto Exposure Control for Shape Measurement of Large Rock in Limestone Mine
Mr. KAWAI, Michinari Pedestrian Navigation
Mr. KIMOTO, Yoshiyuki Development of the mobile manipulator cleaning solid-liquid mixture
Mr. SASAKI, Komei Study of 3D SOKUIKI Sensor
Mr. FUJII, Yuusuke Effective Localization Method for Mobile Robots in Crowded Environments Using Range Data
Mr. MATSUZAKI, Sango Autonomous Intelligence System for Autonomous Mobile Robot Running in Outdoor
Mr. LI, Yan The 3D-SLAM Based On Multiple Robots System
Department of Computer Science M1 Mr. KAWANISHI, Hajime Attempt of Super Wide Stereo Vision Using Low-Distortion Lens
Mr. SHI, Zhenxing Previous Research About Omni-Directional Mobile Robot
Mr. SUZUKI,Shogo Study of path tracking method in indoor and outdoor using inexpensive Laser Range Finder
Mr. NAGAYAMA, Takahiro Human Detection Using Laser Lange Sensor and Thermography Outdoors
College of Engineering Systems B4 Mr. KONISHI, Yuya Detection of Environmental Changes by a Patrol Robot Equipped with Depth Camera in Office Environments
Mr. TAKAHASHI, Ryotaro Research on Human Detection in Indoor Environments
Mr. WATANABE, Ryo Localization and Mapping by Carrier-Phase Differential Measurement with GNSS
College of Information Science B4 Mr. ANDO, Yamato Identification and Classification of Objects from 3D Point Cloud Using Machine Learning
Mr. OKANO, Shota
Ms. CHO, Kaka Long Distance Road Profile Measurement and Traversability Estimation using Stereo Vision
Mr. MITSUISHI, Kazuki Research on the Collision Avoidance with Moving Obstacle of Outdoor Autonomous Mobile Robot
Research Student Mr. Kevin LEBOT (Graduated at June 2014)
Mr. Francois GUIOT
Mr. Xu, ZhongMing The 3D Map Generation of Tunnel or Cave
Visiting Researcher Dr. YUTA, Shin'ichi Autonomous Mobile Robots, Experimental Robotics, Sensor Development and Recognition

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