PositionMembersResearch Topics
Professor (Division of Intelligent Interaction Technologies) Dr. TSUBOUCHI, Takashi Motion Control, Intelligent Motion Planning
Autonomy and Intelligence for Field Service Robots
Professor (Division of Information Engineering) Dr. OHYA, Akihisa Intelligent Sensing for Mobile Robot
Mobile Robot for Supporting Human Life
Collaborator Associate Professor (Division of Intelligent Interaction Technologies) Dr. Hisashi Date Autonomous control for mobile robots
Fluid power snake robot
Fast computing for real time optimization-based control
Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. SARATA, Shigeru YAMAZUMI Project
Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies D3 Mr. ISHIMOTO, Hidefumi Obstacle Detecting System of Heavy Machinery with Stereo Vision
Mr. ICHINOSE, Masanori Travel Control of the Wheel Loader
Department of Computer Science D3 Mr. Helio Perroni Filho Visual autonomous navigation by applying cognitive approaches
Department of Computer Science D2 Mr. Ryan Arya Pratama Tracking and Control of an Air Robot from a Mobile Ground Robot
Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies D1 Mr. SEKI, Saimon Generating the Map by the Mobile 3D-LIDER
Mr. SHIGEMATSU, Kosuke Tip-over prevention control for a teleoperation excavator
Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies M2 Mr. KANEI, Hiroka Stereo Camera Auto Exposure Control for Shape Measurement of Large Rock in Limestone Mine
Mr. KAWAI, Michinari Pedestrian Navigation
Mr. KIMOTO, Yoshiyuki Development of the mobile manipulator cleaning solid-liquid mixture
Mr. SASAKI, Komei Study of 3D URG for Mobile Robot
Mr. FUJII, Yusuke Localization of Mobile Robot in Crowded Environments
Mr. MATSUZAKI, Sango Traversable Region Estimation for Mobile Robots Based on Manually Instructed Paths and Scene Recognition
Mr. LI, Yan Research of Estimating the Position and Speed of Pedestrians based on Laser Range Finder Information for Collision Avoidance Using a Mobile Robot
Department of Computer Science M2 Mr. KAWANISHI, Hajime Attempt of Super Wide Stereo Vision Using Low-Distortion Lens
Mr. SHI, Zhenxing Omni-Directional Mobile Robot By Force Control
Mr. SUZUKI,Shogo Research of path tracking method in indoor and outdoor using inexpensive Laser Range Finder
Mr. NAGAYAMA, Takahiro Life Support Robot Which Could Provide Temperature Related Service
Mr. HONDA, Fuhito Recognition of Cups on a Desk and the Existence of Liquid in it Using 3D Depth Camera
Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies M1 Mr. KITAGAWA, Takuma Recognition of the environment around construction machine
Mr. Xu, ZhongMing Indoor Environmental Recognition Including the Object Having Metallic Luster
Mr. SUZUKI, Azumi Navigation Based on Geometrically Accurate Route Information at Places where Mobile Robots Visit for the First Time
Mr. TAKAHASHI, Ryotaro Research on Tracking Multiple Human in Indoor Environments
Mr. HASHIMOTO, Kentaro Indoor environment recognition including object with metallic luster
Mr. HIRASHIMA, Yodai Grasp of construction machinery surrounding environment using a flight drone
Mr. WATANABE, Ryo Rejecting Invisible Satellites in Carrier-Phase Differential Measurement with GNSS
Department of Computer Science M1 Mr. ANDO, Yamato Identification and Classification of Objects from 3D Point Cloud Using Machine Learning
Mr. SUWABE, Kiyoshi Proposal of the guidance system for the visually impaired person using a three-dimensional range sensor
Mr. MITSUISHI, Kazuki Proposal of Moving Plan of Security Robot Using a Cooperative Operation
Mr. SKODA Jan Localization and Mapping with camera
College of Engineering Systems B4 Mr. HONJI Masaya Object Detection in Far Distance by 3D LIDAR and Mirrors
Mr. MITSUDOME, Ryohsuke Automatic Construction of Gazebo Environment Using a Mobile Robot
College of Information Science B4 Mr. OKANO, Shota
Mr. KONISHI, Yuichi Construction of wide-field stereoscopic environment for remote operation
Ms. CHO, Kaka Fundamental study on laser scanner using multi laser wavelength
Mr. NIHEI, Satoru Children tracking system: Shooting myself using surrounding mirrors
Research Student Mr. VANICHPOONPHON Sopanat Stereo Vision by using Fisheye Lenses
Visiting Researcher Dr. YUTA, Shin'ichi Autonomous Mobile Robots, Experimental Robotics, Sensor Development and Recognition
Others Mr. DONG, Hongyi Interface for Mobile Robot Using Raspberry Pi and Touch Display

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